Ask Us by Department


Assessment dates to remember
How can my assessment change when I haven't done anything to my property?
How does the Assessor value property?
What if I don't agree with my assessment?
What is the Board of Review? When do they meet?
What will happen to my assessment if I improve my property?
Why don't all assessments change at the same rate?
Will I be penalized if I don't let the assessor in when an inspection is requested?
Will my assessment go up if I repair my property?

City Clerk

How do I contact the Better Business Bureau?
How do I file for Bankruptcy?
How do I get help with Landlord/Tenant Issues?
How do I update Driver's License/ID's/Title Transfers?
Where can I get a replacement Social Security Card?
Where do I get a Passport?
Where do I get birth, death, and marriage certificates?
Where do I vote?
Where is the Coulee Region Human Society?

City Council

How can I contact my City Council member?
How can I speak at a City Council meeting?
How does a person bring up legislation to the Council?

Finance Department

When are my taxes due?

General Questions

I called for an ambulance, why did the fire truck respond?
What does being accredited mean for the customers of the La Crosse Fire Department?
What is LCFD ISO rating?
What number should I call if I need the Fire Department?
Who takes care of fire hydrants?
Who takes care of fire hydrants?
Why do fire trucks respond to medical calls and car accidents?
Why does the fire department inspect buildings?

Police Department

Abandoned Vehicles
Bicycle Registration
Birth Certificate
Community Policing Center
Complaints Against Department
Crime Prevention
Crime Stoppers
Death Certificate
Department Tour
Home Security Survey
Lost or Stolen Bicycle
Marriage License
Media Relations
Municipal Citation
Open Records Request
Operation River Watch
Parking Citations
Prescription Drug Drop-off Box
Press Releases
Street Parking
Student Safety Line

Stormwater Utility

Corner Flooding/Frozen or Snow Covered Catch Basins

Transit (MTU)

What happens during bad weather like heavy snow?
What happens during severe weather such as heavy rains, thunderstorms or possible tornadoes?

Water Utility

Dirty or Discolored Tap Water

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